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Online Hypnotherapy – An alternative to face to face Hypnotherapy

In the modern world time seems to be so valuable.

The Covid 19 pandemic in March 2020, introduced the world to a new way of holding meetings online. And so a little heard of platform called Zoom made a global appearance.

Everyone in the world seemed to be using Zoom, even the UK Government used it. The whole world seemed to have “gone online”

Online Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy as long been a therapy carried out face to face in a hypnotherapy clinic, however most hypnotherapists have clients that may travel with work or clients that may live abroad, so Zoom is nothing new to the world of hypnotherapy and we have used it on many occasions for remote working.

What equipment is needed for online hypnotherapy?

All you need is a laptop/PC with webcam, or a tablet/I-pad, or even a smart phone, an internet connection and a space where you can relax without distraction.

A lot of online clients mention that being able to have the therapy in the comfort of their own home, allows them to relax even more and the other benefits are numerous.


There is no difference in the effectiveness of online therapy. In fact, you may even feel more relaxed and comfortable working from the safety of your own home – which can only have a positive effect on the outcome of your therapy.

Nearly every single hypnosis technique can also be used online via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp. Should you not be technically minded then do not worry, we can even conduct hypnotherapy sessions over a normal telephone.

  • No travelling time, so it’s easier to fit a session into your schedule.

  • No need to spend additional money on travel to and from your therapist’s office.

  • If appropriate you can even work with your therapist from your office.

  • You may be too anxious to consider leaving your home at the start of therapy; online therapy may be the first step in your recovery.

  • You can be totally anonymous, you can leave your camera turned off, or covered up if you wish.

  • Due to no clinic overheads online therapy is usually cheaper than face to face therapy

So if you think that online or virtual hypnotherapy may be just the solution for you, our experienced and friendly therapists are looking forward to helping you on your online journey.

If you want to discuss online hypnotherapy and online hypnosis with Halifax Hypnotherapy Clinic please contact us.

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