Hypnotherapy for Insomnia and Sleep

So just what is Insomnia ? and how can hypnosis and hypnotherapy help with sleep issues?

We’ve all experienced the odd sleepless night, tossing and turning and just not being able to sleep.  However these odd nights now and again don’t have a massive impact on our brain.  But, when nights like this are repeatedly happening, what is this really doing to your brain and its functioning?  Yes, we feel sluggish, a bit snappy and above all else – tired.

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Insomnia and Sleep

Insomnia is a due to a state of hyperarousal that can impact the onset of sleep. With most healthy adults needing seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Sleep is just as important as diet or exercise.

It is also true that a lack of sleep reduces leptin levels (the appetite-regulating hormone your body produces). That means people who don’t get enough sleep may suffer with other issues such as increased appetite and over eating issues.

Insomnia can hit at any age, however usually other factors such as will exasperate the sleep disturbance.

Side effects of Insomnia

One of the biggest side effects of depression is insomnia. Stress and Anxiety can also contribute to insomnia. In turn this causes anxious feelings, leading to worrying about sleeplessness and causing the whole issue to manifest and grow.

Unhealthy lifestyle and sleep habits also play a significant role. A lot of these habits are created when we are younger, causing them to become a habit. These habits can include not having a fixed time for bed each night or sleeping during the day (cat-napping).

Also that last quick catch up on social media before bed, or emailing your boss before you go to sleep can also cause sleep issues. As can watching that late night movie propped up in bed. Screened devices like computers, televisions, mobile phones and tablets cause sleep problems. Shift workers are likely to suffer with Insomnia too.

Getting to sleep is not the only issue though, staying asleep can be as much of a problem for someone suffering with insomnia. Consumption of alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco before bed can have a negative impact on a persons ability to remain asleep. Elderly sleepers or sleepers on medication can also experience a restless nights sleep.

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia and Sleep

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic intervention to aid with Insomnia and other sleep issues. The hypnotherapist will use hypnosis alongside other psychotherapeutic techniques and induce through guided imagery and focused attention a deeply relaxed state, whilst giving suggestion to the subconscious mind.

The Hypnotherapist will also teach self-hypnosis or give access to a pre-recorded hypnotic track to listen to every evening.

ow Hypnotherapy can help you or anyone you know who suffers with insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns, or any other sleep issue then please contact the Halifax Hypnotherapy Clinic and find out how our hypnotherapists can help.

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