What is Depression and how can Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Help?

If you ask a group of people who’ve suffered from clinical depression to define the illness, you’ll hear a variety of answers.
Clinical depression is a very personal experience that millions of people all over the world experience.
Different people display different symptoms, but one thing is certain: depression is a difficult illness that can destroy your life if left unresolved.
Many people describe it as a sense of despair that engulfs everything they do and everything they feel.
Thinking that depression is akin to feeling sad because your favourite team lost the championship game, you have no idea what suffering from a true depression is like. Severe clinical depression is much deeper and more invasive than sadness or frustration.
People describe depression as taking everything away from you; it saps your energy, focus, concentration, and especially your joy. You don’t care about anything; nothing matters and even the people you love become unimportant.
When depressed for a long period of time, you become accustomed to the feeling and any other emotion becomes unfamiliar and even frightening.

Physical Concerns 

Not only does depression take its toll on your emotions and mental state; it can cause serious physical problems as well. Depression may cause you to either lose your appetite or eat incessantly. It also zaps your energy and motivation.
Your thoughts toward activity fades. This alone can cause a number of problems, but when added to some of the other physical side effects of depression. It’s so easy to see why depression is such a serious illness.
In addition, it can lead to:
1. Lack of sleep. Depression can also cause insomnia, which strips the body of the necessary sleep to function properly.
2. Poor nutrition. When depressed, many people fail to take in proper nutrients. It takes too much effort to plan and prepare a meal. This can cause several health problems.
3. Aches and pains. If anyone tells you that your mental state has no effect on your physical state, they’re wrong. When suffering from depression, the chemicals in the brain that signal pain are as affected as the chemicals in your brain that help you feel happy.
* Physical aches and pains increased, which in turn, kicks in the sad feelings and the cycle begins again.
4. Hygiene issues. Someone suffering from depression doesn’t have the energy or the motivation for self-care.

These are some specific things those with depression experience:

Constant and severe sadness about everything Hopelessness Insomnia or trouble sleeping Irritability Trouble concentrating Loss of interest in things that once interested them Feeling worthless, useless and guilty for no reason at all Serious change in weight, one way or the other Lack of energy and fatigue
One thing about depression is certain: it’s a serious condition and is serious.
As depression progresses, it feeds on itself like a snowball rolling downhill. Longer the period, the worse the depression gets until they see no way out of it at all. They become resigned to being miserable all the time.
The onset of depression is usually caused by a certain event, the change of seasons, a loss of someone close, or even a chemical imbalance in the brain.
Hypnotherapy for depression
Hypnotherapy is a good solution for depression, the mind becomes over worked when a person suffers depression (the total opposite to what we think the mind would do). Hypnosis will allow the mind to relax and give us access to the powerful subconscious mind where we can discuss a preferred future pre-hypnosis and then place appropriate hypnotic suggestions for the subconscious mind to take on.
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