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When you hear the word hypnosis, what immediately comes to mind?

Is it a dark figure with a goatee swinging a pocket watch back and forth in an attempt to take control over your mind and have you do his evil bidding for him?

If so, then it’s time to turn off the cartoons and carry on reading.

Have you ever been watching a movie and felt like you were actually there? Or perhaps pulled into a good book by the words of the author? Maybe you were driving down the motorway and don’t remember the past 2 exits?

If so, then congratulations! You have already been hypnotised!

Hypnosis is commonly defined as a relaxed and focused state of concentration. So when you were watching the movie, or reading the book, or driving on the motorway, you were so relaxed in your environment and completely focused and concentrating on only that one thing.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Modern day Hypnotherapy is a combination of clinical hypnosis and certain psychotherapy techniques to help you achieve your best hopes.

Whether that be;

Living free from Anxiety & Depression

Kicking a Habit or Addiction

Gaining more Confidence

Test or Exam Stress

Better Sleep

Weight Management

Chronic Pain Management

It could even be just getting that level of relaxation that you just can’t seem to find.  You will be amazed at how much hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnosis techniques

Hypnosis techniques are used to bring about a trance like state. And in this state your subconscious mind and conscious mind begin to focus on the same thing.

In this focused state of attention your subconscious mind will be open to suggestion. These suggestions will change and improve those things that are troubling you.

You, your friends and family will certainly start to see a change almost immediately and that in turn will help with your positive mindset and you will start to feel better every day.

So if you are ready to break away from the negative thinking, find that confidence, banish those fears?  Then Hypnotherapy can certainly help in bringing back the real you. Leading to long and lasting change.

Please feel free to tell us about any specific issue or need you have and one of our qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapists will gladly tell you if Hypnotherapy can help.

Our experienced and friendly clinical hypnotherapists have helped hundreds of clients, find a new route to their lives and we look forward to helping you on your journey.

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